Speaking At My Alma Mater-Arizona Christian University

I went back to my alma mater today and did their chapel service. When I attended this conservative Baptist school women weren’t allowed to speak in Chapel. It was a bit surreal to be standing on that stage today, leading worship, and sharing my story of escaping domestic violence. I’m glad that women are beginning to have a voice in the church. I’m glad for the men who value us enough to listen. And I’m hopeful that the future will bring many opportunities for our daughters to use their giftings.

One thought on “Speaking At My Alma Mater-Arizona Christian University

  1. Miranada,
    Thank you for sharing your story, we met following @ ACU, from one survivor to another, keep sharing your story so that others might be encouraged to come out of their broken story and allow for their story of domestic violence to be rewritten by Jesus. Please continue to speak life into theirs.


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