Use Your Voice!

I’ve been singing since I was a child and vocal performance has always been my biggest passion. I’ve made a living with my voice for over 25 years, starting my recording career at 16 as I fumbled through recording sessions with no clue what I was doing! Over the years I earned a degree with a minor in music, signed numerous record contracts, released 13 albums, sang at crusades, toured extensively, and managed to navigate my way through vocal opportunities. I’m thankful for the guidance from those who went before me-graciously sharing their knowledge with me. It takes years to gain experience which is why having lessons, a coach, or mentor is so advantageous.

This is why I am now offering online vocal coaching, in a one-on-one setting. You may be in need of guidance, direction, or encouragement. Maybe you want to improve your pitch, tone, and range so you can better lead worship. Maybe you want to be a professional singer or simply learn a new skill. I have years of experience to help you USE YOUR VOICE.

•These 30 minute sessions are One on One. (via Zoom)

•This is not a prerecorded video series.

•We’ll work on YOUR goals

•Weekly 30 minute session $40

•Four Monthly 30 minute sessions $150 (paid in advance)

To inquire about Vocal Coaching, click here.

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