The Mystery Spot

So. Today was one of the more unusual stops in my travels. We took a detour to a quirky spot in Santa Cruz called “The Mystery Spot”. Basically it claims to be a circle in the woods that has an abnormal gravitational pull.

We were all set for our 45 minute tour through this mysterious wooded area, complete with a gift shop and snack shack.

First stop was a crooked little shack that was incredibly difficult to keep ones balance in. Adessa is here standing on a level bench-but it looks incredibly askew!

Inside the crooked house you can actually stand on the wall! And it would appear that gravity was affecting my hairdo!

Lined up by height on the ‘level’ bench and tricked into taking a bow 🙂 One interesting bit of trivia with this circle in the forest was that all the trees in the sphere are female. I had no idea trees had genders!


ReGeneration Church

We spent Father’s Day weekend in Santa Cruz, CA, sharing at ReGeneration Church!

Thanks to my dear friends, Matt and Deanna Valencia, for inviting Allen and I out!

What a privilege to tell the story of how God brought Allen into my life and answered the prayers of my daughter, Adessa, for a daddy.

Back in 2009, Adessa and the Valencia’s girls, Elly and Abby, were watching Cinderella together. My how time flies. Here are the three of them today…

…11 years later.

Adessa and Abby are two months apart and they sure did hit it off! Two little artists.

Best Dad Ever

For five years he’s been Dez’s daddy. That’s one more year than the four years she prayed for him to arrive. I’m pretty sure Dez imagined a fantastical, wildly sensational hero of a daddy…and God did not disappoint her. Allen Rigg, you were the best answer to prayer EVER and everyday you are living proof of just how freaking awesome God is. Happy Father’s Day handsome. We love you 💞

Adessa and I

This came up in my memories. I love this photo from 2010 even though it was taken in the midst of our trauma. Something about those years of holding tight to each other makes the memories that much more intense.

Looking at this pic this morning I could feel the humid Midwest air and smell the wicker furniture mixed with the evergreen in the breeze. I can hear her 3 year old voice prattling on (nonstop) through her beloved binky. “Mama, can we paint today? Mama, what are we going to do later? Maybe we should go on an adventure and see a plethora of flowers or we could bake! That would be lovely! Let us bake today! I think that’s a splendid idea don’t you Mama? Can I have some juice?” Haha. It was just a jumble of thoughts spilling out of her brilliant little mind. Even now we have to remind her occasionally to ‘think her thoughts’ or they WILL all be spoken.

Adessa came along when I had lost hope. When I didn’t believe I deserved any better. She changed everything. She believed when I couldn’t. Somehow the two girls in this pic not only escaped domestic violence, but survived and flourished. Four years later Allen Rigg would arrive and, well, complete our precious family : )

Dare to believe. Dare to dream. And hold tight to the precious moments-even when in the trauma. You never know what’s up the road.

Calvary Chapel Bakersfield

It was wonderful getting to know pastor Rick and Kathy Gildez this morning Calvary Bakersfield!! Thanks Rick and Karhy for having us out to share with your fellowship! #pastorpics #inspire2018 #bakersfield #stop3

Allen, Adessa, Miranda, Kathy, and Rick at ‘Rusty’s Pizza’ after church.

Calvary Bakersfield put on a fantastic VBS last week and it was fun to have the fun backdrop for this morning’s service!

The ever talented Allen Rigg on guitar.

Allen preaching from the book of Joshua.

Rig City

When you love coffee like we do it’s a given that you’re going to visit your namesake coffee shop in Bakersfield! “Rig City Coffee Roasters” popped up in our gps and we had to head over.

The coffee was great-even though I had to add that extra little “g” you see 😉

This man right here is our FAVORITE Rigg ❤️ (He broke both wrists skateboarding years ago and re-injured his right wrist recently. Hopefully he can lose the brace soon.)

Even Zoe got in on the action-although she isn’t much of a coffee fan. Whipped cream on the other hand!

Our Adessa opted for an ice cream at the “Creamistry” we found up the street. She dislikes coffee but loves chai tea lattes occasionally.

Thanks Rig City Coffee Roasters for a fun visit, great coffee, and even better service ☕️