‘ADORE’ Official Release!!!

ADORE is a collection of my favorite tracks from three of my worship albums.   I’m so excited to share this album with all of you!

You can download your copy here on iTunes or for a hard copy go to squareup and get one in the mail!  

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Calvary Chapel Oceanside

It was so good to be back at Calvary Chapel Oceanside with pastor Mike and Hannah! Two more services to go in the morning and a concert tomorrow night! Thanks for the opportunity and long time friendship!!! #oceanside #everybodyduckfan #adoretour2017

My husband

You’re looking at the hardest working, most devoted man on earth. On top of his fifty other jobs-he manages to find time to fix the roof and he never ever EVER complains. #giver #husbandofthecentury #hardtoimaginejesuslovesmemorethanhedoes #thankyougod

Full Circle

Tonight I came full circle. Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley was my home church from 1998-2009. It was there where my journey of escaping domestic violence began, and after an eight year absence, I found it so meaningful to sing and share my story on this-International Woman’s Day. It also happens to be NoMore week- a campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault.   

It’s amazing how God brings healing in such intentional ways. I never thought I would get to sing again when my marriage imploded. I never thought I’d tour again either. Tonight on our way to my former home church, we stopped and picked up a shipment of my new album. In two weeks we will leave for a 9 month tour across the USA. As I stood on the stage tonight I remembered how far God has taken me and my daughter. His dream was oh so much better than my dream for myself. 
There is hope no matter what you’re going through. I’m living proof. Thank you pastor John and Robin Milhouse for inviting us out! Mark and Veronica Avila thank you for the lovely dinner afterward!!!