Running hot!


I have avoided posting about our mechanical difficulties on this tour. Perhaps I have “breakdown fatigue” or maybe I’m afraid I’ll jinx us! Some of you may remember last year’s-day one-engine explosion, followed by brake repairs, electrical system in the motorhome being plugged into double the current and exploding/microwave burning up, flat tires, car breakdowns, car getting rear ended leaving the repair shop, and so on…

We’ve actually been fortunate on this trip so far! Praise God! In the three months since we’ve left California we’ve replaced two flat tires, repaired a radiator hose leak, discovered that our generator won’t start (haven’t had enough time in one place to fix that yet) and today…it appears the radiator is leaking. That may sound like a lot, but truly it is a huge win in our world with this 1999 motorhome!!!

Currently we are limping to Denver with coolant on reserve. We will play tomorrow morning and then begin trouble shooting where we can get the radiator repaired/replaced before Wednesday’s service in Windsor. One thing I’m thankful for is that we are scheduled in the Denver area for the next three weeks so at least we have some time to sort everything out. #zoeLikesToObserve

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