The Mystery Spot

So. Today was one of the more unusual stops in my travels. We took a detour to a quirky spot in Santa Cruz called “The Mystery Spot”. Basically it claims to be a circle in the woods that has an abnormal gravitational pull.

We were all set for our 45 minute tour through this mysterious wooded area, complete with a gift shop and snack shack.

First stop was a crooked little shack that was incredibly difficult to keep ones balance in. Adessa is here standing on a level bench-but it looks incredibly askew!

Inside the crooked house you can actually stand on the wall! And it would appear that gravity was affecting my hairdo!

Lined up by height on the ‘level’ bench and tricked into taking a bow 🙂 One interesting bit of trivia with this circle in the forest was that all the trees in the sphere are female. I had no idea trees had genders!

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