Rig City

When you love coffee like we do it’s a given that you’re going to visit your namesake coffee shop in Bakersfield! “Rig City Coffee Roasters” popped up in our gps and we had to head over.

The coffee was great-even though I had to add that extra little “g” you see 😉

This man right here is our FAVORITE Rigg ❤️ (He broke both wrists skateboarding years ago and re-injured his right wrist recently. Hopefully he can lose the brace soon.)

Even Zoe got in on the action-although she isn’t much of a coffee fan. Whipped cream on the other hand!

Our Adessa opted for an ice cream at the “Creamistry” we found up the street. She dislikes coffee but loves chai tea lattes occasionally.

Thanks Rig City Coffee Roasters for a fun visit, great coffee, and even better service ☕️

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