Little Miss Zoe

We travel with a little Yorkshire terrier named “Zoe”. We acquired her through some special circumstances when she was 3 years old and she’s been with us for two years now. 

Our Zoe has some funny quirks, not the least of which is her diminutive size. Weighing in at 2 pounds 5 ounces she is quite the novelty wherever we go. She also has a funny habit of walking backwards on any slick surface!  Zoe loves to chase flying bugs and any wayward food morsels that might find their way onto the floor. Most of all though she loves to be with her people-whether it’s in a lap, nestled inside of her purse, or lounging on a boat. 

Today we stopped at a cute little coffee/gift shop off the hwy in the panhandle of Texas. Zoe found some pint-sized vehicles that fit her perfectly!  

While she isn’t a good driver, that doesn’t stop her from trying. Especially when Starbucks whipped cream is in sight!

Zoe is a great ice breaker and makes friends everywhere she goes.  #AdoreTour2017 #yorkie #zoe #twopounddog #traveldog

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