Brother Appreciation Day

This being brother appreciation day I was reminiscing about this memory 🙂 All my school years I was “Andy’s little sister”. Following in the shadow of an all star athlete, drummer, and extrovert was at times, how shall I say, a hard act to follow. 

I remember my first day of PE my freshman year. The teacher taking attendance got to my name, “Landers…(perks up) LANDERS?!” I shrink and nod yes. Coach nudges assistant teacher and says, “we got another Landers!” I knew what that meant and also knew they would soon be very very disappointed in this younger sibling’s lack of athleticism. 

Right out of the gate they split us into four teams. I got picked first by a basketball guy who knew my brother. I think his name was Billy. Poor Billy used his first round pick for ME. Ugh! It was the last time I was ever chosen first 🙂 We lined up at one end of the basketball court in four rows and one at a time were supposed to dribble down the length of the court and make a free throw, then dribble back. I was first in line. All eyes on me. 

They tossed me the basketball and I cowered as it almost knocked me over. I started to dribble the ball and made it about ten feet before it bounced off my foot into the bleachers. I ran over to retrieve it and the coach said to go back to the start and do it again. About 10 tries later- with similar results- the coach finally tells me to pick up the ball and carry it to the free throw line. I hear him say to the other teacher, “maybe she can shoot?” Right!

I had played PIG and HORSE a few times on our dirt driveway with my brother but mainly shot granny style. I was too embarrassed to do that this day so I tried to heave it up overhand. Airball. I chase the ball down and go back to the line. Coach shouts, “gotta make a free throw before you come back!” I heave-airball-retrieve, heave-airball-retrieve, twenty times! Coach finally saunters over and says, “you can go back Landers”. I apologized for not being a good athlete like my brother and the coach seemed embarrassed.  

I continued to be crappy at PE but did earn extra credit by singing the national anthem at some basketball games. Come to think of it, I sang at that coach’s wedding! My senior year he nominated me for most improved student-a nomination that had never been given to a PE student, which was totally embarrassing to me. Of course that happened AFTER I told him I thought everyone should be required to be in choir and sing a solo-wether they could carry a tune or not! 🙂  

So happy brother’s day to my rockstar brother who has always strived for the best and been an example of excellence in everything he does! Love you Andrew Landers!

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