This morning we had so much fun bein on the “Good Day Austin” morning show at Fox7!  We were there to promote the new album ‘Adore‘ as well as this Sunday’s services at Hyde Park Baptist/The Quarries Church. Here are some pics from the taping. 

Arriving at the Fox News station in downtown Austin this morning with my decaf almond milk latte in hand!

My daughter was in awe of the cameras and lights!

This was the graphic on the screens before my segment. Funny to see it in mass on what looked like 25 screens throughout the studio!

A quick interview with Dave Froehlich about the new record and our upcoming Sunday performance at Hyde Park Baptist. I should add everyone was so incredibly sweet and helpful at the station!

I sang “The Way That You Are” from the ‘Best Of’ album. Allen did a fantastic job on guitar and of course is eye candy as well 🙂

Such a fun morning!  Had to chuckle at the scrawl on this screen shot. #TrumpsMajorMajorConflicts

Aly Kerr books the music for Good Day Austin and we are so appreciative of her having us out again!!!  Thank you Aly and Fox7!!!

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