3 thoughts on “Apples in Houston

  1. Miranda, my name is Linda Settlemire. I met you at Calvary Houston on May 3, 2017. I told you I loved “on Calvary” and “Carried to the Table”. I have looked for the lyrics to those songs so I can print them out and hang them on my bathroom mirror as a morning inspirational. There’s also a couple more that I would like to get the lyrics for and was wondering if you could help me out by sending them to me. I bought a couple of your albums at Calvary that night and have been wearing a deep groove in the “Calvary” track when I’m settling down to sleep. It’s so pretty, relaxing and inspirational. Would really appreciate it if you would send me the lyric to the following songs. “On Calvary”, “Faithful”, “Because He Lives”, and “carried to the Table”. Thank you in advance.


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