Happy New Year!

christmas collage 2015
I hope this New Year finds you well and rested!  2015 was an exciting year seeing God move through his people!  What a joy to see so many of the churches we’ve visited across the country grow and be blessed!!!  From brand new buildings to new church plants, successful leadership changes and thriving fellowships-the church is making a big impact!  It’s a privilege to be a part of that and I’m so thankful!

For my family and I it’s been a year of great joy, waiting, and continued transition.  We knew God wanted us to leave Texas but had no idea where we were supposed to land!  We literally stepped out of the boat on faith trusting that God would show us the way!  We’ve been touched by the willingness of pastors to trust their congregations with our stories and thankful for any opportunity He brings our way to encourage others.

Our year has been filled with singing and teaching as we crisscrossed our nation-my husband Allen filling in as teacher and me doing guest music.  God continued to stretch me this year with an invitation to speak at a ladies Christmas Tea-a first for me!  I was surprised at how good it felt to share my story in a different medium and see the effect it had on so many women who could relate.  Just goes to show God really can speak through anybody!


This coming year I will continue in my music ministry here in southern California and beyond.  In addition to that Allen has developed content to better serve marriage and family events as our life experiences speak so well to the real world issues our marriages face today. Out of the ashes beauty does rise and we’d love to be a part of helping others find hope!

We look forward to all that 2016 will bring and the lives that our savior will change!

May this year bring many good things to all of you!!!


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