Why In The World Do We Live Tiny?

Ten years ago my daughter and I escaped #domesticviolence and found ourselves homeless. Literally homeless. After several years of living with family and in rentals, a new and wonderful man, Allen Rigg, came into our lives. Since then this sweet little camper has become our safe haven! The money and things we had before pale in comparison to the fun and laughter that fills this 300 square foot house on wheels. Besides having traveled the nation from shore to shore-sharing our survivor story at stops all along the way-my daughter has had the quality time she needed to bond with the new daddy in her life…who officially adopted her January 2019! This little home represents freedom, love, hope, redemption, safety, security, joy, and adventure.
It’s been four years of living in our “Big Rigg” and we are just now beginning to feel the growing pains-much like ones felt in their ninth month of pregnancy! Haha! What once was a huge bunk for an eight year old-is now cramped and stifling. These next few months will be our last for this season of tiny living as we prepare to launch a new church in Los Angeles. A rental of some sort will follow and a new school for our tween! I have to admit I will miss our little haven and our first “home” as a family, but this next season of ‘bigger living’ will be a new and exciting adventure for us. In the meantime-here is a look at our casa…

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