Day One-Smitten in Bakersfield, CA

Day one began with shaking off the rust and getting back in the routine of setting up the rv for travel. It takes us about 30 minutes to “batten down the hatches”, hook up the tow car, and hit the road. Before we could leave town we had to smog the RV, then head out through Los Angeles for our 4 hour drive to Bakersfield, CA, where we play Sunday. Praise God we had an uneventful day one drive, breaking our past tradition of day one break downs!

After posting up at our RV Park for the week in Bakersfield, we ventured out to find some coffee. Our good friend Ms. Yelp recommended a cute little place called, “Cafe Smitten”. We were pleasantly surprised by this adorable oasis in the desert! Dez ordered a mint lemonade, Allen his usual cold brew, and I got my old standby decaf almond milk latte. Yum!

Today I am so very thankful for my sweet husband who has worked so hard to make this tour happen. The amount of time it takes to message and coordinate six months on the road is a full time job. Add to that he taught a college class while booking this tour and still managed to be the best husband and daddy to Dez and me. There is nothing this man can’t do and he does everything with grace, patience, kindness, and fun! I love you Allen Rigg ❤️ #inspire2018 #pastorrigg #husbandofthecentury #SMITTEN

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