South Denver, Colorado


Loved serving Calvary Chapel South Denver last night with Allen Rigg! #inspire2018 #inspiretour #denver #colorado #singinglive


Aurora, Colorado


Last weekend we were thrilled to be at Calvary Aurora for their Saturday and Sunday services! Thank you Ed Taylor for inviting Allen Rigg and I out to serve!!! #inspire2018 #aurora #colorado #tour #livemusic

I have a champion


This man behind me with a camera tells me every day-that I’m good enough, smart enough, talented enough, strong enough, wise enough, beautiful enough, articulate enough, capable enough, and empowered enough. His words are slowly replacing the doubt that-for too long-was the loudest voice in my head. I wish everyone had a person in their life like Allen Rigg. #inspire2018 #BuildUpYourSpouse #beaCheerleaderNotaCritic #denver #aurora

Coming up!


This is going to be a poignant weekend at Calvary Aurora! They’ve got the stage, and even pulpit, decked out for Allen Rigg’s message on “Living Heroically”. I’ll be leading worship, sharing originals, and giving an extended version of Dezi’s and my story-escaping DV and CSA. Saturday night at 6PM, Sunday morning at 8:45 & 10:45 AM. Come on out and bring a friend!

Arlington, Washington

Sending out a great big thank you to Ken and Lynn Sutton for having Allen Rigg and I out to Church On A Hill last month! (Somehow this post didn’t load!) I last saw Ken and Lynn in Stockport, England, many years ago, so it was fun catching up!! #inspire2018 #washington #everett #pastorpics