Divorced-and-Remarried Couples Attend Marriage Events, too!

Allen Rigg

My wife, Christian recording artist Miranda Landers, and I recently celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Years after we both went through very painful and public divorces, I’m so thankful for the churches that’ve had Miranda and me out to sing, speak, or both at marriage events like banquets, conferences, retreats, etc. As a divorced-and-remarried couple, we can’t help but notice how rare this is.

For the most part, only married-never-divorced people are invited to sing- much less speak – at these events. Divorce – if mentioned at all – is presented as something to be ashamed of. Remarriage, blended families, etc., are rarely addressed. Also missing is any kind of serious discussion about abuse and neglect in their many forms and how they affect us all. I wonder sometimes if the leaders planning these events have given much thought to the number of divorced-and-remarried couples who attend.

If I…

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Truth Church Calvary


Sunday we were lucky to have a photographer in the service. She took some great pics!!! Thank you Judy Birschbach Photography and TRUTH Church Calvary for sharing these lovely photos with Allen Rigg and I! http://www.jbportraiture.com #Littleton, CO.

Allen Rigg inspiring hope through Joshua 2 and his epic humor!

Love Allen Rigg’s smile in this one!

Calvary South Denver


We had a great time at Calvary Chapel South Denver on Wednesday and loved getting to know Jonathan Geraci!!! Thanks Jonathan and Gino for having Allen Rigg and I out! #inspire2018 #colorado #denversouth #pastorpics

Great seeing Gino Geraci again at Calvary South Denver! #pastorpics

I have a champion


This man behind me with a camera tells me every day-that I’m good enough, smart enough, talented enough, strong enough, wise enough, beautiful enough, articulate enough, capable enough, and empowered enough. His words are slowly replacing the doubt that-for too long-was the loudest voice in my head. I wish everyone had a person in their life like Allen Rigg. #inspire2018 #BuildUpYourSpouse #beaCheerleaderNotaCritic #denver #aurora