There’s Something About That Name

We haven’t done this song live in awhile but, with our guest harmonicist at CC Ukiah, we knew it was perfect for our set. I can’t tell you how often this song is requested and seems to always be a crowd favorite. The lyrics, perfectly penned by Bill and Gloria Gaither, weave effortlessly into it’s beautiful melody. I’ve been singing this song since I was a child on the mission field in Italy and it never ceases to move me. I hope you enjoy this version with Allen Rigg on acoustic guitar and Les Boek on harmonica. #theressomethingaboutthatname #gaither #inspire2018


Calvary Chapel Ukiah

We had a great time visiting Calvary Chapel of Ukiah this Wednesday! Pastor Les Boek even played harmonica with us!

It was so much fun to have the added instrument and he sure can play!

It was a pleasure to meet both Les and Debbie Boek. Many thanks to them for inviting us out!

My Allen gave an inspired message.

Thanks Calvary Ukiah!!!

Napa Time Lapse

It’s been so fun reconnecting with friends we haven’t seen in years! This trip has taken us through several places where “before and after” pics are a must. Here is our daughter Dez with Smitty and Bonnie Smith back in 2007 and again this week in 2018! My how time flies!

Cornerstone Ministries Napa Valley

This is Pastor Bill Walden introducing Allen Rigg and I at Cornerstone Ministries Napa Valley on Sunday! I have so much respect for this man. When my world fell apart he was one of two pastors that circled the wagons around Dez and I. Pastor Bill and his lovely wife Debbie are family to us and I am so grateful for them!

It was an honor to serve at Cornerstone and spend some time with the Waldens.

Thank you Bill and Debbie!!! It was great to be back! Added bonus-we got to meet new friends Rob and Jessica Rainey!!!

The Mystery Spot

So. Today was one of the more unusual stops in my travels. We took a detour to a quirky spot in Santa Cruz called “The Mystery Spot”. Basically it claims to be a circle in the woods that has an abnormal gravitational pull.

We were all set for our 45 minute tour through this mysterious wooded area, complete with a gift shop and snack shack.

First stop was a crooked little shack that was incredibly difficult to keep ones balance in. Adessa is here standing on a level bench-but it looks incredibly askew!

Inside the crooked house you can actually stand on the wall! And it would appear that gravity was affecting my hairdo!

Lined up by height on the ‘level’ bench and tricked into taking a bow 🙂 One interesting bit of trivia with this circle in the forest was that all the trees in the sphere are female. I had no idea trees had genders!

ReGeneration Church

We spent Father’s Day weekend in Santa Cruz, CA, sharing at ReGeneration Church!

Thanks to my dear friends, Matt and Deanna Valencia, for inviting Allen and I out!

What a privilege to tell the story of how God brought Allen into my life and answered the prayers of my daughter, Adessa, for a daddy.

Back in 2009, Adessa and the Valencia’s girls, Elly and Abby, were watching Cinderella together. My how time flies. Here are the three of them today…

…11 years later.

Adessa and Abby are two months apart and they sure did hit it off! Two little artists.